Authentic Malaysian cuisine, made entirely from scratch.

We offer extensive meaty and vegan menus.

Happy Eats, Happy Drinks

Local Tap Beers, Local Gins, Wine, Cocktails

(Many Halal, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, options)

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Meaty & Vegan Menus

Meaty: Wide selection of dishes and snacks, Stir fries, Malay curries, Our unique Bento & Nasi Lemak.

Vegan: We have over forty tasty vegan items on our menu, biggest selection in Brunswick.

Home Made Breads: Roti's straight from the hotplate, and gluten free Dosa, plain or with a variety of tasty fillings.

Raise a Glass

Wide range of local independent beers, Gin, fine Scotch and exciting cocktails with a Malaysian spin.

Free Games

We believe food should be a joy, best enjoyed with loved ones and friends. To help with the fun we provide a wide range of great board games, free to play should the urge take you, either an old classic, or ask for a recommendation for something new, we are happy to teach you. be aware Friends do not let friends play Monopoly.

Keeping it Local

We support local providers, and know them all by first name, since we shop fresh daily. The majority of our produce is sourced in Brunswick and Coburg and we are proud to showcase a wide range of local Beers, Gins and Kombucha.

About Us

This is a traditional cooking, family run business. Our chef and matriarch Mila developed a passion for food from an earlier age, when she wasn't climbing trees to avoid getting eaten by tigers roaming her native Borneo jungle, walks to school were exciting!. Initially learning southern Indian cooking from her grandmother - utilising local Malay spices. As Mila's abilities grew, she learned about Baba-Nyonya cuisine, a style unique to the Malay Archipelago. This cuisine originated when early Chinese settlers absorbed elements from Malaysian, Indian and Thai cooking to create a delicious new hybrid style, centuries before anyone coined the term 'fusion'. Now, we are delighted to bring this cuisine (with our happy flair) to Brunswick..

We welcome your animal friends

Our beer garden restaurant is pet-friendly, meaning that you can bring well behaved furry friends with you